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Mr Tariq Bajwa, Governor State Bank of Pakistan

Chief Guest
Mr Tariq Bajwa, Governor State Bank of Pakistan

State Bank of Pakistan

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Program Speakers

Dr. Ianna F. Contardo

Dr. Ianna F. Contardo

IE Business School, Financial Times

Ianna took her PhD in "Industrial Studies" and has since written on all types of business behaviour. She enjoys speaking about the twisted and weird aspects of the mind in its infinite forms but mainly looks at research applicable to the business realm in order to foster success. Read more...

Neville Gaunt

Neville Gaunt

Chief Executive ,Mind Fit Ltd

Neville Gaunt is the co-founder of Mind Fit, a UK based company focused on business improvement through attitude change. He's an accountant, international keynote speaker and co-author of the leadership book, "Is your mind fit for golf? The missing link to your success" and "Mind Fit Golf for Kids". Read more...

Patrick Mullane

Patrick Mullane

Executive Director, HBX,
Harvard Business School

Patrick Mullane is the Executive Director of HBX. He brings over 20 years of management experience across several industries to the position. As Executive Director, he is responsible for managing HBX's growth, expansion in global markets, and long-term success. Read more...

Saad Amanullah Khan

Saad Amanullah Khan

CEO Alamut Consulting
Alamut Consulting

CEO of Alamut Consulting, director/partner in CTM360 (Cyber Threat Management) and joint-owner of Big Thick Burgerz restaurants. Spent over two decades with Procter & Gamble in senior management and seven years as Chief Executive Officer of Gillette Pakistan. Elected twice as President of American Business Council (ABC).Read more...

Kamran Rizvi

Kamran Rizvi

Senior Consultant,

A dynamic figure with unswerving optimism, Kamran is a true believer in human capacity, and is keen to see wisdom in ascendance in our world. Read more...

About The Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP)

The Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) is Pakistan's only recognized Institute dedicated to providing technical training services for the banking industry in the country. The Institute's mission is to train and develop a sound human resource base for the financial sector and to work for continuous learning and professional development of bankers.

Established in 1951 with the technical support and partnership of the Institute of Bankers (UK), IBP is a not-for-profit entity incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984. At the time of inception, the IBP was formed with the sole purpose of administering the banking diploma program, earlier known as the DAIBP program, which has now been revised and renamed to the IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) certification. Over time, IBP's scope of activities has significantly broadened and apart from offering and conducting the ISQ certification, the IBP also provides the following services:

  • Training
  • Assessment Services
  • Research and Publications
  • Academic Support to Universities

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Program Overview

Join CEOs, Executives and Key Officials at the premier Senior Leadership Conference gathering for the first time in Pakistan. This is a chance to upgrade your leadership abilities and system with other senior pioneers crosswise over businesses.

Meet with different senior executives to talk about strategies and techniques to empower you and your organization to accelerate revenue growth and profitability. Leadership Conference includes global thought leaders coming from academic, industry and consulting backgrounds and also CEOs of various noticeable Senior to Mid-Market organizations crosswise over Pakistan.

With foreign keynote speakers, engaging in roundtables, and enlightening breakout sessions, you would prefer not to miss the 2017 Leadership Conference.

Leadership Conference Characteristics

  • Understand how market leaders are stunningly leading; internationally and locally
  • Networking like never before with business leaders and decision makers
  • Knowledge share among other similar workgroups and across various
  • Become our member to enjoy LIVE Webinars with Faculty from FT Ranked Top Business Universities
  • Extensive readings of selected publications, books and reports

Why Attend?

  • Learn the latest trends on the leadership best practices from
       the world's top-notch leaders
  • Explore the workable tools with just-to solutions
  • Find answers to all your questions, challenges and business pains

Who Should Attend?

Top executive management (private and public sectors) including:

  • Chairmen and Board Members 
  • Senior Business Executives
  • CxOs     
  • Department Heads
  • Regional Managers
  • PD and Training Managers
  • Decision Makers and Business Owners

Program Agenda

Day 1 - Conference
08:30 – 09:00
Registration with Tea
09:30 – 09:35
Welcome Note by Mr. Husain Lawai Chief Executive IBP
09:35 – 09:40
Conference Introduction by Ali Jafri President Knowledge Now
09:40 – 10:20
Keynote by Mr. Neville Gaunt – “Leadership is Action, not Position”
Brief Description:Leadership is Action, not Position: To grow and innovate, today's leaders need to use their position to act, engage and inspire their teams to be the best they can be.
10:20–  11:00
Keynote by Dr. Ianna F. Contardo “The Leader in Mind”
Brief Description:The Leader in Mind: from control to complete self realization-what neuroscience embraces regarding top performing individuals in the high tech age
11:00 – 11:15
Tea Break
11:15 – 12:00
Keynote by Saad Amanullah Khan – “Leadership & Vision”
Brief Description : How to drive Leadership capacity across levels and create alignment and commitment to deliver your purpose and vision.
12:00 – 12:40
Keynote by Kamran Rizvi - “Multi-dimensional Leadership (ML)”
Brief Description : Leadership challenges are magnified when we consider introduction of disruptive technologies. ML enables business leaders to leverage their intuitive capabilities to inspire people and thrive in chaos.
12:40  - 14:00
Prayers & Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:15
Panel Discussion- Decoding Leadership: What really matters?
Panelist : Mr. Neville Gaunt, Dr. Ianna F. Contardo,
Saad Amanullah Khan, Kamran Rizvi
Moderator: Syed Ali Jafri
15:15  - 15:30
Tea Break
15:30 – 16:30
Interactive Live Webinar "Leading services in fast changing world" By Patrick Mullane (Harvard Business School)
16:30 – 16:45
Closing Ceremony
DAY 2 – MASTERCLASS by Dr. Ianna F. Contardo & Neville Gaunt
Thriving Through Transformation
Session 1
Exploring You and Your Organisation
9:00 – 10:30

In this first session we explore the requirements needed to establish a solid platform for success. Whilst Mission, Vision and Values are important, successful businesses have a clear Purpose that employees understand and believe. We introduce the need to establish this purpose and the meaning and importance of Can-Do attitudes, and how these lead to increased engagement, performance and productivity in the workplace.

We are seeing a cumulative value to the recent research, rather than one particular study completely changing the game. There are enough studies within the last decade that enable us to build a complete language in what leaders do and what leadership is, and linked back to biology. All of these different aspects of leadership–decision making, innovation, persuasion, collaboration, influence–have been studied at different angles. What is new now is the way leaders are taking an integrative approach to it and applying such insights in a purposeful manner.

10:30 – 11:00
Break for Prayer – Socializing – Tea Coffee
Session 2:
Leading with the integrative approach in mind – practical case studies & examples
11:00 – 13:00

The state of the art right now is helping leaders have a more robust and complete language for the mental experience. One of the first ideas from brain research to make its way into leadership is the idea of an amygdala hijack–suddenly there is language for telling others that your brain is shutting down. If you understand an amygdala hijack, you should not try to talk sense into someone or make important business decisions.

Introducing the canvas of dilemma or conflict reconciliation.

13:00 – 14:15
Lunch and Prayer break
Session 3:
What makes a Leader Exceptional?
14:15 – 16:00

The future of work is all about innovation and agility. We have to be prepared for ever-changing circumstances, and that means being open to learning new things.Learning is no longer something we just do in schools. We can't rely on just the skillset we knew when we entered the workforce–that will guarantee career stagnation.

Case studies and practicing with the canvas of dilemma reconciliation.

16:00 – 16:15
Short Break
Session 4:
The Reality-Driven Leader
16:15 – 17:30

The importance of acting on the best information is well known, however many organisations suffer from gap drift. The leadership perception – reality gap creates problems and perpetuates poor performance unless it challenged and the gap reduced. We introduce and explore a 21st century leadership model that guarantees long term success.

Final comments and material discussion based on latest relevant articles

17:30 – 17:45

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